SPSA May 14 Couples & Double-Handed Race

Saturday’s make-up date for the Couples & Double-Handed race saw a small fleet floating around the G3 start mark hoping for a breeze to fill in before the 14:00:00 pursuit start time. The light breeze made for a frustrating downwind run to G1 but the wind pick-up by the time we all turned the mark for a reach to Little J. It was a beat in the still freshening wind back to G3 for a lively finish.
We all gathered at the Sailing Center for an Italian meal of crisp salad and Mazzaro’s Lasagna including good conversation around the dinner table. Much thanks to Dan and Noreen Dawson for planning and executing a wonderful dinner. Great choice!
Here is the order of finish:
Boat                                                Finish Time                  
1. Tack Tick                                     15:28:22
2. Sonar Lewis                                15:33:00
3. Cayenita III                                  15:36:36
4. Double Dutch (Sonar).                15:40:06
5. Sonar McGough.                         15:49:19
6. Bumbugo                                     15:49:45
7. Desiderata                                   15:55:45
8. Fiddlesticks.                                 Time not reported
This was the last scheduled race of the SPSA 2021/2021 season. Our next event will be our Annual Meeting in September. 
But…Remember the King Of the Bay race! Run it often. Report your best time each month. Monthly winners will receive a KOB flag and be in the running for the annual KOB award. It is a great way to practice and tune your racing and tactical skills. See you on the Bay!