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King of Bay Update, some good stuff and boring stuff

Hey Sailor,
Here’s an exciting update on the King of the Bay for May 2022. You’ll find complete details on your SPSA Web page. Click the RACING tab on the Home MENU BAR and select KING OF THE BAY – RESULTS. • For a good run around the KoB course you’d like NW winds with some velocity. Those were the conditions when the top ten boats KoB records were set. Lots of boat speed and no tacking. On May 20th those were not the conditions. The conditions were SSW and 12 to 14. Two boats were out that day. Last Tango had started first at the S Mark headed toward G1. Bumbugo followed a few minutes later on the same course. It was a good opportunity to adjust sail trim to see what helped and what hurt. Bumbugo stayed close even though Last Tango should have walked away. • Bumbugo’s corrected 42:35 time took the May KoB honors while Last Tango’s 45:07, was not good enough but still an awfully good time. • The amazing thing, both runs placed in the Top 10 of all time. Bumbugo takes the 4th fastest and Last Tango captured the 9th. So much for that NW wind theory. • Unfortunately there’s only room for 10 boats in the Top 10. Now currently occupying positions 11 and 12 is Cayennita III. Something tells me not having a top ten time will not be Cayennita’s fate for long. • The King of the Bay runs every day of every month all year long. Give it a try. You’ll find information of the SPSA Web page.
Some good stuff. • The Twilight Series is running every Friday evening. Contact Brian if you are looking for crew or a spot on an SPSA boat • The Sailing Center is hosting an Adaptive Sailing Day for area disadvantaged sailors. June 29th, 10:30 to noon. This a chance to these fine folks to get out on the water and is one of those events that makes you feel good all the way home. If you are able to help send the Sailing Center a message offering to help Dana or Min Min will get back to you. • Our next SPSA event is run in conjunction with the Yacht Club, the Classic Regatta scheduled for September 10th. The event is a fund raiser for Meals on Wheels. If you’d like to host a cash paying donor looking for a ride on a racing boat please let us know. BTW Meals on Wheels keeps the cash and you play a big part in helping this event raise a boat load of cash. Last year – $55,000 for our needy senior citizens. Watch for registration announcements.
Sadly here’s the boring stuff. It’s not really – read it and decide. The last bit is bit sad. • We have a Board Meeting on Tuesday June 7th at 6 PM in the Sailing Center. This meeting is open to all members. • The Officer Nominating Committee has been appointed. Brian Conlin, Penny Simone and Richard Boler. This committee is still looking for a couple more members to help run the SPSA. It’s a great group of people and you will enjoy it. • We now have 93 members on the SPSA Members Group Facebook page. This is a closed group. You need to apply for membership. Search for the SPSA Members Group. It’s been mostly good stuff posted so far. Please be nice! • Your SPSA 2022-23 year renewal will need to be paid soon. No change in price – still $49/yr. Watch for an email with instructions. • The Annual Meeting and Awards Banquette is scheduled for Sept 16th we and are needing to jack that cost up. But just a little. Think along the lines of $45 for a dress up and sit down dinner at the St Petersburg Yacht Club. Well worth it. Instructions to RSVP will be with your membership renewal notice. • Surge has been sold and is soon moving up the East Coast and eventually may take a trip to London.

SPSA May 14 Couples & Double-Handed Race

Saturday’s make-up date for the Couples & Double-Handed race saw a small fleet floating around the G3 start mark hoping for a breeze to fill in before the 14:00:00 pursuit start time. The light breeze made for a frustrating downwind run to G1 but the wind pick-up by the time we all turned the mark for a reach to Little J. It was a beat in the still freshening wind back to G3 for a lively finish.
We all gathered at the Sailing Center for an Italian meal of crisp salad and Mazzaro’s Lasagna including good conversation around the dinner table. Much thanks to Dan and Noreen Dawson for planning and executing a wonderful dinner. Great choice!
Here is the order of finish:
Boat                                                Finish Time                  
1. Tack Tick                                     15:28:22
2. Sonar Lewis                                15:33:00
3. Cayenita III                                  15:36:36
4. Double Dutch (Sonar).                15:40:06
5. Sonar McGough.                         15:49:19
6. Bumbugo                                     15:49:45
7. Desiderata                                   15:55:45
8. Fiddlesticks.                                 Time not reported
This was the last scheduled race of the SPSA 2021/2021 season. Our next event will be our Annual Meeting in September. 
But…Remember the King Of the Bay race! Run it often. Report your best time each month. Monthly winners will receive a KOB flag and be in the running for the annual KOB award. It is a great way to practice and tune your racing and tactical skills. See you on the Bay!

Couples & Double-Handed Regatta Round 2

Hey Sailors,

Here’s the information you need for this Saturday’s 2nd attempt at the Couples & Double-Handed Regatta.  The weather certainly looks better.  As of Thursday afternoon the weather experts are predicting 6% rain with a ENE wind at 11 mph.  That would be very good conditions for a double handed sail on the bay.  If the conditions appeal to you and your Aunt Matilda cancelled her tea party, just show up.  The start times in the attachment list every boat in the SPSA.  Having dinner with out making a reservation is a different matter.  See dot point 3 below.

  • Your course and start times follow in the next message.
  • Please bring your finish clock time (hour:minute:second) to the Sailing Center or text with boat name to 727 430-8964  Record who finished ahead and behind you.
  • The post race event will be held in the Sailing Center Classroom.  It starts at 4 PM or as soon as the J-70 Training Class gets out of the way.
  • The post race dinner needs your reservation or confirmation by midnight today.  It is confusing as to who that was planning to eat last Saturday is also planning to eat this Saturday.  Please confirm.   It’s $15 cash for two paid at the food line and BYOB.

            Here’s what I have so far:    Bumbugo 2, Sonar Double Dutch 2, and Sonar Mcgough 2

  • Here’s the order for going through the food line.
  • 1st:  Confirmed reservations made this week
  • 2nd: Reservations made last week but not confirmed this week
  • 3rd: anybody else if there is any food left
  • Penny is in charge of the post race.  I am out of town Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon.  pennysimone@gmail

  • Let’s Go Sailing!

    Couples / Double Handed regatta Postponed!

    Hey Sailor,

    Because of the foul weather forecast, thunderstorms and gusty winds, we have postponed our Couples / Double Handed Regatta. 
    It would be a little rough for a double handed day.

    The rescheduled date is May 14th with a 2 PM Start.  Course and start times re-issued by 10 PM Thursday May 12th.

    Please confirm your intention to attend the post race dinner by midnight on Thursday May 12th. 

    Let’s Go Sailing next Saturday!

    Couples/Double Handed Registration reminder and SPSA News

    Hey Sailor,

    Here’s the 2nd to last instruction for this Saturday’s, May 7th, Couples and Double Handed Regatta.  
    • Race time is 2 PM Saturday May 7th our post race 
    • This is a Pursuit Race starting and finishing at G3.  Slowest Handicap boat starts at 2.
    • Start times and course will be distributed no later than 10 PM on Thursday May 5th.  That’s the last scheduled race instruction.
    • There is no fee to race this event.  
    • However if you want to eat at the post race ceremony you must make a reservation by midnight Thursday May 5th.  The cost for your meal is $15 cash for two dinners to be collected at the door.  It’s an Italian themed dinner, BYOB.
    • To Register and view the details of this race go to the Regatta List page on the SPSA web site.  You must Logon in 1st.  The NOR and SI are found by clicking on the  Docs  button.

    King of the Bay winner for April.
    • Galene had the fastest elapsed time of 1:02:01 beating Bumbugo by 8 seconds.
    • On corrected time Bumbugo wins the April flag with a 50:40 versus Galene’s 52:39.

    Our May 2022 Board meeting is tomorrow Tuesday May 3rd beginning at 6 PM at the Sailing Center.  All members are encouraged to attend.