SPSA Awards Banquet/Annual Meeting – Fri Sept 8th

The 2016-17 Season Awards Banquet, Twilight Season Awards, and Annual SPSA Meeting will be Fri Sept 8th at the St Petersburg Yacht Club upstairs in the banquet room.   Dress code is "nice casual".  Cocktail hour begins at 5:30, followed by dinner at 6:30, then the annual meeting and awards presentation.  Please RSVP to the secretary@spsa.us or purchase tickets in advance so we have a good head count for the caterer.  There will only be a limited number of tickets available at the door.  Dinner tickets are $35 ea, or you are welcome to just attend for the meeting and awards around 7:00ish.  Tickets purchased in advance will be held at the door for you.

On the meeting agenda is a presentation from our rating chairman about the new World Sailing International Empirical Handicap system that will be used by SPSA instead of PHRF for the 2017-18 Series.  I encourage everyone to attend this!  The member program/directory will be distributed at the meeting and mailed to those who can’t attend.


Also, if you have not already renewed your membership please do so ASAP as the cutoff to be in the member directory is 7/31.


Time to renew your SPSA membership!

It’s that time again!   The 2017-18 SPSA season begins July 1st.   Please renew by the end of July to be included in the membership program which will be distributed at the Annual Awards Banquet Fri Sept 8th at the St Petersburg Yacht Club.  If you’re unable to attend, the program will be mailed to you shortly after that.   Make it a point to sign up a friend and gets some more boats involved this year!!

We have some changes in the renewal process.  First, there is a small increase in dues to cover some of the rising expenses and credit card processing fees.   There is a $4 increase to $49 for an individual membership and $59 for the family membership.  

Second, we are moving away from RegattaTech for registration to a Paypal based system which will save the club quite a bit on the credit card processing fees.  You don’t have to have a paypal account to pay with a credit card, but if you do have an account you will need to logon to pay with your credit card.   As in the past, you can mail in a check with a paper form if you desire.  With this system, you won’t need to re-enter your info year after year, you may simply logon and click renew. 

Use the following link to sign up for the first time.  Then you can select logon in the menu from the main website in the future to view the member services.   https://spsa.us/membership/join/

pdf icon SPSA-Membership-Form.pdf

Final series race Sat 5/6 10:00 am

Reminder!  Our last Saturday series race of the season is this coming Saturday 5/6 @10:00am and the forecast looks breezy! J  Plan to meetup at Courigan’s afterwards around 3:30ish to toast the season, exercise bragging rights or make excuses and begin the smack talk for next year.

30th Annual SPSA Couples Regatta Sat 5/20

The 39th Annual Couples Race will be Saturday May 20th, 2017 @ 2:00pm. This is a his/her two handed race with a dinner party afterwards. The Awards Dinner and Party will be held at the St Petersburg Sailing Center at 5:00pm. Dinner for the skipper and 1 crew, is included with the entry fee.  This year we are changing the format to a “pursuit” style race.   Course and starting times for each boat relative to the 2:00 start will be given at the skippers meeting at 12:30.  Extra dinner tickets are available for any members wishing to join us for the party whether sailing or not.

The NOR is posted and online registration is open:


SPSA What’s Happing / St Petersburg Classic Regatta wrap-up


We’ve had a busy couple of months!   There’s been the St Petersburg Classic Regatta, a couple SPSA series races, the Full Moon pursuit and a host of races sponsored by other clubs that many SPSA boats have attended such as the NOODS and Habana race.  Our next club race is next Sat 4/15!  Let’s meetup at Courigan’s after the race again!!


First a shout out to SPSA members Tony Barrett for a first place finish to Habana in Spin B, followed by Robert Freeland in second and David Arata with a 2nd place Cruising A finish.  Great job guys!  After our series race last Saturday, we met up at Courigans’s and were regaled with the tales from the Habana crews.   Also a shout out to SPSA members Mike Kayusa with a first place finish in the NOODs for PHRF1, followed by Grant Dumas in second and Ron Kinney with a first place in the NOOD Cruising Rally. 


Second, we congratulate our club secretary Liz on her new job.  Unfortunately, it’s not local so she’ll be leaving us.  Thanks to Liz for all of her efforts, they were appreciated.  We wish you luck and will miss you.   We could use a volunteer to fill in for secretary.  If anybody is interested in getting more involved with the club, please let me know.   We’ll be looking to fill the slate of officers for next season here very shortly.


The board is hard at work on many things.   We’re looking at what we can do to increase the fun and participation for next season.  We’ve got membership renewals coming up in at the end of June, and we’ll be working on publishing the membership program/directory very soon.  As always, we’d appreciate volunteers to help.   But more to come on all of that later.


Finally, we have just closed the books on this year’s St Petersburg Classic Regatta to benefit Meals on Wheels.   Many, many thanks to the small navy of volunteers that helped pull this off.   The pictures have been posted on the website.  The turnout for this regatta was the lowest we’ve ever had but somehow we managed to match last year’s fund raising efforts!  We raised $17,615 vs $17,771 for 2016.  So I’ll call that a win in my book.  I’d like to share this excerpt from the latest treasurer’s report:


“Although the SPCR had fewer sponsors and fewer boats than last year, we actually raised about the same amount of money for Meals on Wheels. What made this possible?

Last year we lost $3,200 on the regatta itself, which had to come out of the sponsor donations. This year we only lost a couple hundred dollars which we made up from the treasury so 100% of the sponsor donations went to Meals on Wheels. Having the regatta at least break even is a major improvement.

Although there were fewer boats than last year, and only 16 boats donated in 2017, boat donations actually increased from $6,348 in 2016 to $7,345 this year. Remember that last year only 40% of the boats entered donated anything to MOW. Fewer boats meant less in entry fees, but not less in donations.

We did not have the cost of Tee-Shirts this year, and the cost of printing was donated. That is a $1,265 swing in the right direction.

Fewer entries meant a lower charge to process the entry fees.

We had $4,900 less in sponsor donations to work with this year, but last year we ate up all of that with the loss on the regatta, the cost of shirts, and printing. This year, for the first time of which I am aware, we will remit 100% of the sponsor donations to the charity. The target in the past was 80%.”


Steve Shortt

SPSA Commodore