News and Full Moon Regatta on 16 April

Hey Sailor,

Hereโ€™s a bit of racing news and the information you need for our April 16th Full Moon Regatta.

  • The SPSA Series Racing for 2021-22 completed the last two races on April 2nd.  Thanks to Mike Reed as RC, Vanessa Goodrum for the use of Good Times and the rest of the RC for a job well done.  The trophies for this event will be awarded at our September annual meeting.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place pennants are awarded for the Fall Season and Spring Season as well as for the combined Series.
  • King of the Bay winner for March was Galene.  Her time corrected time of 43:03 came as as the 4th fastest of all time.  To date we have had 61 times reported on the King of the Bay course and 24 monthly winners.
  • Our Full Moon Regatta is set for this coming Saturday evening, April 16th, with a first start to be at 7:30.  This will be a pursuit race with the Highest Handicapped boat starting 1st, that would be the slowest boat, and the fastest boat starting last.  First boat boat back to the finishing mark wins.  With sunset at 7:56 and moonrise 9 minutes later, this promises to be a glorious night out on the bay.  Watch for course details and your start time (dependent on the wind conditions).  Hereโ€™s what you need to know now.
  • Cruising chute declarations are due by 10 PM this Wednesday April 13th 
  • No money involved.  This is a just show up event.  Spinnaker and cruising classes.
  • This is a pursuit race.
  • Start and finish will be at G3.
  • Sailing Instructions, course and start times will be posted on the SPSA web site no later than 6 PM on Friday April 15th.  There is even a possibility they will be emailed to all members about the same time.  Maybe even a little bit earlier.  
  • Post Race party will be held at Courigans at 1st Avenue SE and Beach Drive
  • Looking for crew or a deck under your feet?  We will do what we can.  Send an email to Brian at  You can also make your case on our SPSA Members Facebook page.  Not a member yet?  Search for us and ask to join.  This is an SPSA Members only page.  
  • One other thing.  Consider this your 1st Official Invitation to run for an SPSA Officer Position.  All interested parties should send me a message and I will send you a listing of the officer positions and responsibilities.  There are benefits we do not announce.