New Years Pursuit Race Course & Start Times

Hey Sailors,

Attached you’ll find the 2022 New Years Pursuit Race Course and the Start Times for all SPSA boats.  Unless we missed one.  If so send me a message   At this point in time we have 11 boats registered.  
It looks like it’s going to be another great day on the bay.  It’s not too late – get your crew together and register or just show up.
We have a few crew spots available –

Here’s a few things to remember.

The Race:
  • January 1st 2022.  That’s this Saturday.
  • No one has declared a cruising spinnaker.  All spinnakers are in the spinnaker class.
  • The Race Starts at G3.  Slowest boat starts at 14:00:00.   Everybody else waits for their start.
  • A correct start is within 4 boat lengths of G3, on a line perpendicular to a line to Big J.  Either side of G3 works.
  • There’s no committee watching, but everybody else is.  Your honesty is on display for all to see.
  • Finish in a similar manner at G3 relative to a line from Front G.  Same 4 boat length requirement.
  • Record your finish time when you get back to G3, who finished ahead of you and who finished behind you. 
  • Report your finish time back at the Sailing Center or send a text to 918 766-1515
The Post Race Party:
  • Everything begins at 4 PM in the Classroom at the Sailing Center.
  • It’s a bring your own everything event with the exception of tables, chairs, plates & plastic ware.  Our pot luck is coordinated by Noreen
  • The gift exchange requires a wrapped present that you will place on a table. No rules on the gift.  It can be something really nice or something not so ice.  
  • Noreen will give you a number when your gift is placed on the table.  
  • Noreen will explain all the rules before the gift exchange begins and and as needed as the event progresses.
  • Since we are on the beginning of another Covid surge, please be considerate of those around you.  If you know you are sick, think you might be sick or on the verge of getting sick, please do the right thing.

Let’s Go Sailing!