Chili Cook-Off entries logistics

Hey Sailor Cooks,

Dropping off your chili at the Sailing Center will be challenging tomorrow morning.

There are several events in the Sailing Center Saturday.  The classroom will have activity from the Mallory Cup qualifiers and three youth sailing group practices.  The Sailing Center let’s us use the classroom as a curtesy and has asked us not to disrupt ongoing events.  

The most optimistic estimate for access to plug-in your chili crock pot is 10 AM.  If there is a hold over from one of the groups it could be later.  
With an 11 AM Race start this could be tight.  You will be taking a chance with this approach.  And please remember:   Hungry kids will be in there, some form of a “hands off” deterrent is advised!

A way to circumvent this issue: Consider a pre-cooked chili that just needs to be warmed up or finish cooking.  We expect to be back at the docks around 2 PM and you could run your chili into the classroom quickly leaving a 1.5 to 2 hour warming or final cooking time.  The eating begins approximately 4 PM.



Rich Treinen
Secretary SPSA