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Your SPSA Racing in February 2021

15 Feb 2021

Hey Sailor,

Here’s the information concerning our two races coming up.  I am going to be a little long winded since we have had a few new members join very recently.  We hope to see them out on the bay.  If you are racing for the first time with the SPSA, please send me a note and we will have a handicap for you.  If you can figure out how to register on our web page, even better.  On the blue bar click on the RACING button and select REGATTAS from the the drop down menu.  There is no entry fee. The best performances of the day in the spinnaker fleet and the cruising fleet are rewarded with a liquid trophy at the post race gathering. The post race gatherings are held under the tree at approximately 3:30 or 4:00.  That under the tree is the Centennial Oak Tree at the east end of Demen’s Landing.  To find us drive east on Demen’s Landing as far as you can go.  Eventually you drive all the way around the Centennial Oak Tree.  

20 Feb 2021 Spring Series Race Day #2  11 AM Start.   This is the second of four races days.  Two races are scheduled for each day.  Monitor VHF 72.  We plan plan to meet up under the tree after the race.  We had 14 boats in the January race, we expect a few more to be joining us.  Tack Tick is our committee, a Martin 243.  

27 Feb 2021 Full Moon Pursuit Race 6 PM 1st Start.  We really should call this a Sunset and Snow Moon Pursuit Race.  The sun sets at 6:30 and the moon rises at 7:04.  The full moon of every month has a name.  In January it’s called a Wolf Moon in February it’s the Snow Moon.  Sail declarations, that would be for cruising chute boats, need to be declared a couple of days early, it’s in the Notice of Race.  You’ll find the NOR in the  Docs  on the Regatta page.  Your start time and the course will be posted and emailed out on the Thursday before the race.    Our post race gathering will be in the Sailing Center Parking lot.  Drive right in and park.  
The best place to see a glorious moon rise is on the bay.  

1 Feb 2021 SPSA Update

1 February 2021

Hey Sailor,

Here’s what happened and in the the very near future in your St Petersburg Sailing Association.

Libèlula is the King of the Bay for January.  Her elapsed time & corrected time of 1:02:23 & 55:40 were more than enough to take the flag away from Surge.  Surge must have had time to eat a nice lunch on their attempt to hold the flag.  It would be very nice if Surge arranged a transfer of the flag to Libèlula in short order.  See the results dated 1 Feb 2021. click on the  Racing  drop down and select KING OF THE BAY – RESULTS.  You should check later today.

3 Feb 2021 SPSA Board Meeting begins at 6 PM by means of Zoom.  If you’d like to sit in please send me a message and I’ll get you the Zoom Meeting information.

13 & 14 February Valentine’s Weekend SPSA Cruising Event For our first Spring 2021 COVID-safe cruising event, we have planned a group sail to Emerson Point, followed by anchoring out on the north-shore of the Manatee River.  Weather-permitting, the approximate schedule will be:

Saturday 2/13

10:00 am – Meet at Buoy G3 (N27° 46.0’, W82° 36.6’) & sail to Manatee River inlet (N27° 32.6’, W82° 40.7’)

5:00 pm – Target time for everyone to be at anchor.  Check in with Kryger/Rose Therese on channel 72.

6:21 pm – sunset & drawing for prizes.

7:00 pm – Dinner on your own on board your boat.  Bragging rights for boat with best aroma.

Each pair of participants should bring 1 bottle of wine & 1 chocolate dessert (for two), packed inside of a closed bag or box.  For the drawing, boaters will bribe cruise director for first dibs to select closed box or bag.  Desserts should be store-bought and unopened for COVID safety.

Sunday 2/14

Explore Emerson point.  Boats head back at their leisure Sunday or even Monday as it’s President’s Day Weekend.

Email Robert to join in/ask questions.

The 2021-24 updated Racing Rules have been issued.  Your Vice Commodore Penny sat in on a Dave Perry Webinar.  Here’s a link to the change


20 February 11 AM Spring Series Race Day 2 Tack Tick will be our Race Committee.  Looking for a ride or looking for crew?  Contact Brian – we will do what is possible.


27 February 2021 Full Moon Pursuit Race  This is currently a date on the calendar.  Watch for more details as we figure out what we are  going to do.


Let’s Go Sailing!

Spring Series 2020-21 Race Day 1 Recap

17 January 2021

Hey Sailor,

We had a great turnout for yesterday’s kick off of our Spring Series and lots of wind!

  • 14 of the 16 registered boats were out.  The wind started out a little light but the forecast was for things to build maxing out near 20 knots by 1 PM.  It did.  

  • PRO Tim Snyder set a start/finish mark 0.6 miles east of the Pier with two mile downwind run to Big J for leg one and a 3 leg zig zag back the the finish.  It was near 70 minute race #1 for the two spinnaker boats and  110 minute race for the last of the cruising fleet.  However in that last 1/2 hour the wind piped up to just below 20 knots steady and gusts approaching 25.

  • The Optis were out too.  They were set up just west of us and closer to the Pier.  While our race was going on, the Optis moved their leeward mark closer to our committee boat.  Their mark is also orange and much bigger.  A few of the SPSA racers were headed toward that bigger Opti orange mark but were saved by a curtesy announcement from RC that the correct SPSA finish mark was on the east side of the signal boat.  You should have seen those kids in the Optis, they know how to fly when the wind pipes up.

  • Race 2 went down to Lil’ J and back to finish.  8 of the 12 cruisers and one of the two spinnaker boats had had enough and called it a day, skipping race two.  The wind held steady just below 20 knots with gusts approaching 25 knots and slowly diminished over the race, but not by much.  It was a tough and invigorating day on the bay.  The lone spinnaker boat finished in 46 minutes and the cruising fleet finished in 120.

  • At the tree, an attempt to award the last December race liquid trophies to George Lewis went foul because George had gone home.  George had finished in a three way tie with Tony Sanpere and Steve Short in the December 5th race.  The best of Spring Series Race Day 1 awards were announced for Warrior and Surge.  George and Grant please arrange your trophy pick up.  Act quickly, we will recycle your trophy. Surge’s crew does not take any chances.

  • See the results Race Day 1  Here’s the link  Click the Spring Series Results button and then the 1 or 2 to see the race details.

  • A special thanks go out to Tim Snyder for stepping up to do race committee and Brian Conlin for quick scoring of the race results.  Without these two guys there would be no reason to gather under the tree.

  • Spring Series Race Day 2 is February 20th.  Our Race Committee will be Tack Tick.

16 Jan 2021 Series Race, under the tree & parking

15 Jan 2021

Hey Sailor,

Here’s your last minute Spring Series Race Day No. 1 important information.  That would be tomorrow Saturday January 16th, first Start at 11 AM.

  • The Boat Show and Saturday Market are competing for your parking space.  
  • The Sailing Center will be open for most normal operations.  We will be able to grab our trophies which are safely stored in the SPSA locker, you will be sail your reserved Sailing Center Sonar and launch your trailer boat, and for those utilizing the Sailing Center, park in the Sailing Center.  That’s is if you can talk your way past the Sailing Center gate guard.  
  • It will be a bit breezy, the winds are forecast in the 15 to 19 mph range.  Please sail safely.
  • Post race is at the tree – likely in the 3:30 time frame.  It’s another BYO everything event.  Please respect the health concerns of your fellow sailors.

Let’s Go Sailing!

SPSA News and error reports

Hey Sailor,

Here’s your dot points of SPSA stuff to get you through January.

  • New Year’s Day Pursuit Race:  We had 16 boats swarming around the starting line for this years race.  However only 13 boats reported finishing times, one new member was out fact finding and I have no idea about why the other two were there.  Congratulations to Arista and Tack Tick for taking the liquids in the spinnaker fleet and Desiderata, Legacy and Cayennita III for earning their bottles in the cruising fleet.  The racing was close as all boats finished within a 20 minute window.  We also welcomed Legacy, a Catalina 310 and her skipper Dave Roberts and Meridian, a Beneteau Oceanis 331 and her skipper Jon Meliferas to the SPSA Racing Scene with their earned SPSA burgee.
  • Winter/Spring Series kicks off 16 January at 11 AM.  This is the first race day of the 2nd half of the SPSA Series.  Tim Snyder of Sea Life will be the race committee.  Please register for the event so we know who’s coming.  This helps get the race records in order. Here’s the link.  Click the  Enter  button.  As a member, you race for free (other than the measly $49 annual membership fee we charge).  If you intend to use a cruising chute please read the second sub dot point in the Board Meeting recap.
  • 6 January Board Meeting Fallout.
  • The WSIEH handicap system is taking a break.  We will be racing under PHRF for the remainder of this year and maybe longer than that.  The WSIEH system, which changes handicaps after every race, was too aggressive with handicap adjustments when only one or two race results are in hand.  Although this system shows promise that old boats with old sails can be competitive, it needs more development work.  It was a unanimous vote.  We look forward to one day having a perfect handicap system that everybody loves.
  • Cruising class boats may use cruising spinnakers, as described by WFPHRF Class Rules-Appendix E.  You’ll pay a handicap hit and you must inform the Race Committee Chair of your intention by the Tuesday before the first race of any race or series.
  • Watch for the updated SI’s to b posted very soon on the SPSA web site.  Here the link on the  Menu Bar, click on the Documents drop down menu and select List/Search.
  • We discussed other stuff not worth reporting here.
  • King of the Bay update.
    • Surge captured the December honor and will ow be displaying the large and beautiful KoB flag for all of January.  Charles Archer and his Surge crew ran the course twice on Dec 21st, a really windy day.  Once with full sails and once with a reefed main. Fritz Kloepfel and his crew on Libèlula were also out on December 21st.  All three runs on the the 21st scored in the top ten of all corrected times.   Surges full main was the top performance.
    • Libèlula appears determined to acquire KoB honors having already posted the time to beat for January.
    • The most recent KoB data will be posted soon. Look for a January 2021 time stamp.   Here’s the link 
  • Awards for our Fall Series Race Day 4 were corrected.  An error in the time entry for the last race day of the fall series was discovered.  While it had been announced that Cayennita III had won the day, the discovery of the error changed that.  Instead of a pair of threes, Cayennita III scored a 3 & 4, placing her in a 3-way tie with Hula Girl, that would be the svelte Hula Girl, and the Lewis Sonar, having placed 5 & 2 and 2 & 5 respectively.   With the tie breakers being what they are, Hula Girl, the svelte one, finished 1st, Lewis Sonar 2nd and Cayennita III dropped to 3rd. Lucky for us Cayennita II had left the post race before grabbing her bottle.  To the delight of all three top performers, we awarded all three a liquid trophy.  By the way, did you see Steve Shortt’s new boat, Hula Girl II?  Very nice and a very reputable source said “a roomy” Catalina 36.
  • Call for pictures.  If you took a nice photo out on the water while racing, or not, or while under the tree, please share them with us.  Please know we don’t want all one hundred pictures that you took that day.  One or two, maybe three good ones will suffice.  Please send them to our picture depot.  Here’s the link