Spring Series Race Day 2 recap and other info.

21 February 2021
Hey Sailor,
  • It was a blue boat day with Warrior and Cayennita III taking the best of the day trophies in yesterdays Spring Series Race.  So far we’ve had plenty of wind out on the bay.  Warrior had a pair of 1s in the 4 boat spinnaker out yesterday – we need more spinnaker boats.  Cayennita III finished with a 3 and a 1 to beat out Hula Girl’s 1 and a 3 in a tie breaker.  When the scores are tied in that fashion, it’s who ever beat the other guy in the last race that wins the tie breaker.  Being a good sport about it the whole thing , Tony shared a bit of his trophy with Steve who happily drank it.  Nine boats were out in the cruising fleet.  Another great day on the bay.
  • If you’d like to see elapsed and corrected times for any race, here is how to do it.  Go to the SPSA Web Page  http://spsa.us/  on the menu bar click on  RACING , from the drop down menu select REGATTAS, for the race or series of interest, click the  Results  button.  You will see the final results posted for each race with the race number in blue across the top. Click on the blue race number to display the elapsed and corrected time of every boat in that race.
  • I learned how to pronounce Libèlula.  For those who struggle like me, phonetically it’s lee bay ula.  I think.  It means dragonfly in Spanish.
  • Next up, Full Moon Pursuit Race, this Saturday Feb 27th, 6PM start for the slowest boat.  Cruising chute declarations are due on Wednesday, start times and course will be sent out Thursday.  We are requesting everyone on board to wear a PFD.  You must record and post your finish time.  Our post race gathering will be in the Sailing Center parking lot.  Just drive right in.
  • Full Moon course logger.  Brian was talking about this under the tree yesterday.  It’s a phone app everyone can use to track where the other boats were five minutes ago and replay the whole race later.  This is free software.  We have set up a regatta page for everyone to use https://raceqs.com/regattas/80475  Here’s a link to find out more about this cool racing tool https://raceqs.com/pro-regatta-broadcast/