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SPSA Update 29 Nov 2020

Hey Sailor,

Here’s our listing of the upcoming events and other things.  This us a no frills email blast attempt from Dallas TX on my iPad.  I hope it works!

King of the Bay. Today through Monday look like easy pickings for a winner for November 2020.  

2 December SPSA Board meeting.  Another Zoom event starting at 6 PM.  On the agenda: post race planning for the next series race day and New Year’s Day pursuit race.  Those are the pressing decisions.  We will work other things too.  All SPSA Members are encourage to sit in.  Send me an email for the Zoom meeting invite.

5 December Fall Series Race Day #4, 11 AM.  Dan Dawson on Last Tango is your Race Committee.  We really need good weather conditions to finish up the Fall Series.  With only 3 completed races so far, we need two more. It would be a crying shame to end up with surplus funds in the liquid trophy budget.  We might burn up the current excess funding with a top shelf brand.  If you are a skipper looking for crew or vice a versa we will do what we can under the current conditions to get you out on the Bay. Email Brian at

5 December Post Race Gathering.  To be discussed at our Board Meeting.  Watch for an email blast with details. 

1 January 2021 Pursuit Race.  This is a 2 PM start for obvious reasons. There will be defining info posted at the very end of 2020.  Watch for course information and start times in an email blast, on the SPSA web page, on the SPSA FaceBook page and thumb tacked up on the SPSA bulletin board at the Sailing Center.  Yes we have an old fashioned bulletin board.  If you’ve never seen one, look above the drinking fountain. If you are looking for a ride or crew contact Brian at

1 January 2021 Post Race Gathering.  In years past we have served food and held a gift exchange. Not really a White Elephant gift exchange, not all the gifts were crap, a couple items were worth testing a friendship. There are rules, they are subject to interpretation as the conditions require and the Commodore always has the final say.  Don’t worry – I ended up with an old rusty anchor last year.  However, Robert was Commodore last year.  Watch for an email blast once we figure out what we can pull off in the glaring light of the surge. 

16 January 2021  Spring Series Race Day #1.   This is the beginning of the second half of the 2020-21 SPSA Series.  You need not have participated in the Fall Series to be in the running for the Spring Series awards.   Someone with a boat for Race Committee is needed.  If you haven’t signed up yet for your turn, here’s your chance.  Not knowing how to do RC is not a valid excuse, an experienced sailor will be there for on the job training.  Please send an email if you can help out.

Sad news.  Long time member Jack O’Connell has died.  Jack served as SPSA Commodore from September of 2005 through August of 2007 and as Rating Chair for two consecutive years, 2008-10.  More recently he was one of our skippers for a day sail with the Freedom Sailing Camp and On Board for Autism.  Click the link to view the video of this great event.  Gael Force, a Hunter 29.5, and her skipper will be missed by the SPSA.  Fair weather and good winds from all of us Jack. 

Rich Treinen
SPSA Commodore

Tomorrows Race Cancelled plus Cruising Link Correction

Hey Sailor,

I don’t like being the bearer of bad news and not going sailing is bad news.

  • We’ve decided to cancel racing tomorrow, Nov 7th.  The wind is right at the edge of a no go and it will be gusty.  The wind is also expected to build as the afternoon progresses.  The wind direction, NE, also leads to moderate chop.  Since most boats are racing with limited crew, this made the decision a little easier.
  • Needless to say, no race also means no post race gathering.

Sorry for the bad news.

Let’s Go Sailing Another Day!


Saturday’s Race Update – Nov 7th & other news

5 Nov 2020

Hey Sailor,

Here’s a quick update with respect to this Saturday’s Series Race – November 7th.
  • The weather is looking pretty rough as of Thursday night.  The wind is forecast to be 15 – 25, with higher gusts possible.  The hourly forecast for 11 AM through 4 PM has 17 to 19 mph.  We will put out an update Friday night.
  • The post race gathering will be under the tree.  BYO everything.  

Other News:
  • There is a cruising event brewing for November 20-22 to the Manatee River.  We would be joining other cruisers from Davis Island.  Robert Kryger if you’re interested.   Here’s a link with a little bit of information. 
  • If you venture to the SPSA Web page you will notice that we have made drastic improvements to the King of Bay results.  You can actually see how well you have done versus everybody else’s trip around the bouys.  
  • On that same subject we are in the process of acquiring King of the Bay flags to be awarded to the monthly and annual winners.  Currently we only have one big flag which the current annual leader keeps until someone posts a better corrected time.  Surge is the current leader.  You can read all about the King of the Bay on the NOR. 
  • One important announcement.  If you are the awardee of a liquid trophy but fail to receive it for any reason, you have until the next event to recover it from the SPSA locker.  Contact any officer for help procuring your award.  Once we give it away to somebody else, it’s gone.

Let’s Go Sailing!

November Events and Other Stuff 1 Nov 2020

Hey Sailor,

Here’s your list of November SPSA events!

  • 4 Nov 2020 6 PM  SPSA Board Meeting.  If the world has not ended, this is the Wednesday after that 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November. This is a Zoom event, probably not the last.  On the agenda:  our usual officer reports, post race planning for 7 Nov, some race management stuff, King of the Bay business, and possible SPSA merchandise.  This meeting is open to the membership.  Let me know if you’d like to sit in, I’ll send you the Zoom link. 

  • 7 Nov 2020 Fall Series Race Day 3.  11 AM Start. Robert Hopkins will be running RC.  Look for his Scarab power boat.  Monitor VHF Channel 72.  Remember this is a two race event.  Looking for crew?  Contact Brian  With the pandemic ebbing and surging, we will continue to work this and ask everyone to respect the health issues of everybody else.

  • 7 Nov 2020 Post Race Gathering.  We haven’t decided yet.  Most likely we will meet under the tree for post race camaraderie and best of the day liquid trophy presentation.  Watch for details.

  • Other Stuff:
  • We just about have our King of the Bay act together.  We hope to have something you can actually see that tells you how well you’ve run the course relative to other boats. That’s been a problem in the past that nobody liked.  Watch for more news on this subject.
  • We still have old SPSA branded stuff plugging up valuable space in our lockers.  I hate throwing stuff away so please come to the post race gatherings and take one for the team.  I’m particularly having trouble giving away the old Classic Regatta tee shirts.  We have blue and gray colors.  100% cotton, not giza.   You can hand them out to people you don’t know on the street.  You could put one in an Amazon box, set it on your porch and magically both the box and tee will disappear.  If nothing else they make great rags.
  • Would you like to add another family email address tied for these exciting email blasts?  Well, it’s not an option in our club management software.  However, we can do that.  Let me know. 

Let’s Go Sailing!

Commodore’s Cup Results

Commodores Cup Winners  18 October 2020

  1. Tack Tick
  2. Schock Therapy
  3. Sonar Dee
  1. Galene
  2. Cayennita III
  3. Desiderata
Tight racing in a good breeze.  A 2 hr & 20 min race, and everyone crossed the finish in a 14 minute window.  
Another great day on the bay!