Trivia Information

Hey Sailors,

Noreen has asked that the following critical information be distributed about this year’s Trivia Contest.

  • New protocols have been developed to insure the secrecy and integrity of the contest.
  • The questions and answers to this year’s Sailing Trivia Contest are now in a sealed envelope and have been secured in a safe deposit box at the St Petersburg branch of Wells Fargo. At the SPSA dinner on September the 6TH,  a security guard will transfer the envelope from Wells Fargo  directly to the Trivia Hostess.
  • Prizes will be awarded to all members of the winning team.
  • There is no arguing with Noreen.  As the Trivia Master she is always right.
  • There is no whining, hissy fits or crying at the Trivia Contest.  Just calm yourself down with a little sip of wine.
  • In order to be successful at this year’s contest, it is suggested that you study sailing pop culture, racing history and nautical rules. 

Don’t miss this event at our Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner on 6 September 6 PM.  

Let’s Play Trivia!

Rich Treinen
SPSA Secretary