SPSA January Events and further out in time

28 December 2020

Hey  Sailor,

Here’s opportunities to participate in SPSA events in January and beyond.

  • January 2021 SPSA activities
  • Jan 1st New Year’s Day Pursuit Race.  2 PM 1st Start, Cruising chutes are allowed but must be declared by 5 PM on Dec 31st.  Watch for your starting time to be posted on the SPSA web page news, delivered to your email box and posted on the SPSA’s Sailing Center bulletin board by 10 PM on Dec 30th. However the Sailing Center locks up around 6 PM.  It might be there by early Thursday morning.  Here’s the link to the NOR and Sailing Instructions.  http://spsa.us/racing/regattas/   Click on the  Docs  button.
  • Jan 1st Post race gathering under the tree.  Probably around 4 PM.   Liquid trophies to be presented.  If anybody cheats at the start, that’s where we will talk about them.  If you are new to the SPSA, looking for a crew spot or need crew for your boat,  please come to the post race and introduce yourself.  Once this pandemic ends, we want every boat to have all the crew they need.
  • January 6th Board meeting.  This is a Zoom meeting starting at 6 PM.  The usual topics plus the fate of our WSIEH handicap system will be discussed and decided.  If you’d like to sit in or can’t sit in but have something to add on any topic, please send me an email and I’ll send you the Zoom link.  Commodore@spsa.us
  • January 16th Spring Series Race Day #1.   1st Start at 11 AM.  Your race committee is still not known.  Watch for further news regarding RC and our post race plans.
  • Race Committee volunteers for the 2021 Spring Series.  Here’s what our September arm twisting and  pen scratchings records show.
    • 16 January TBA
    • 20 February Tack Tick
    • 20 March Hula Girl – that would be the big Hula Girl
    • 17 April Cayennita III
  • King of the Bay News 
    • 3 reports for runs in December have reached reached me.  Two for Surge and one for Libèlula.  All three were run on the same day.  It was windy.  All three runs scored in the top ten of all time.  Surge is the current leader for December.  There are just a few days left to steal it away.
    • We are still working the final details of the monthly and annual keeper KoB flags.  We just need the final design or I’ll order the ugly design nobody liked.
    • Amber Looe has been proudly displaying the Big KoB Flag she captured for the month of November.  Looks like it might be turned over to Surge on Jan 1st.
  • New SPSA hats available.  These are new hats available through Bonfire.  They are not the old hats found in the SPSA locker that I’ve been trying to give away.  Click the link to order yours.  https://www.bonfire.com/spsa-classic-cap/?utm_source=mailgun&utm_medium=initial&utm_campaign=buyer_new_campaign_launch_BUYER