Spring Series Race Day 4 Results, Couples & Double-Handed Regatta and more stuff

19 April 2021
Hey Sailor,
Here’s a summary of the Spring Series Race Day 4 winners and information about the Spring Series in general.  You’ll also find information about coming our May 8th event, the Couples & Double-Handed Regatta, and of course other stuff.
Spring Series stuff:
  • Spring Series Race Day 4 was a beautiful day to be out on the bay.  We had great wind and our RC, Cayennita III, set a great course and ran the race in a very professional manner.  I’m guessing having 3 US Sailing race certified PROs on board may have helped.  Thanks Tony!
  • Taking the liquid honors on Race Day 4 was a highly contested affair.  In the Spinnaker Class Warrior and Tack Tick split the 1st and 2nds, and were tied at 3 points.  As tie breakers go, Tack Tick takes the rum having finished ahead of Warrior in the last race.  In the Cruising Class it was even tighter, 1st and 4th place were tied with 3 boats each.  Tied for 1st were Desiderata (3&1), Legacy (1&3) and Sonar Lewis (2&2).  Had this been poker a pair of 2s would win.  It’s not and Desiderata pulls the rum to her side of the table.   All scores for the Spring series can be found by clicking this link.  http://spsa.us/racing/regattas/   Click  Results  on the 2020-21 SPSA Spring Series Line
  • Full Spring Series Spinnaker Class (7 competitors):  1st Tack Tick (7 points), 2nd Warrior (7 points) and 3rd Sonar Gill (24 points)
  • Full Spring Series Cruising Class (16 competitors): 1st Cayennita III (8 points), 2nd Surge (14 points) and 3rd Hula Girl (15 points)
  • Scoring and tie breakers:  You can read how these are applied in the SIs and US Sailing Rules of Racing.  
  • We award pennants for the Series winners at the annual meeting every September.
  • This was a very good event this year.  Our participation is growing as the virus wanes.  Thanks to all the old and new members of the SPSA.  Being part of a three boat mark rounding while overlapped is exciting, even if you were the outside boat.  I’m looking forward to a quad overlap.
Couples and Double-Handed Regatta stuff:
  • May 8th, 2 PM Start.  This is a pursuit race with an awards dinner following the race.  There is a $20 entry fee to cover the cost of a freshly cooked and hand holdable Italian style meal.
  • There are two classes:  The Couples Class, a man and a woman, has been a long standing event held by SPSA for many years.  We have expanded the format to now include anyone who wishes to participate in the Double-Handed Class.  
  • Here’s the link to register http://spsa.us/racing/regattas/   Click  Enter  on the 2021 Couples & Double-Handed Regatta line.  If you intend to sail with a cruising spinnaker, remember to declare your cruising spinnaker before midnight on May 5th.
  • Watch for more details as the race day approaches.  That would be your start time and the marks you need to find and round.  
Cruising Events stuff:

Don’t forget to contact Vice Commodore Penny if you have an interest in participating or planning our cruising events.  pennysimone@gmail.com 

King of the Bay stuff:

King of the Bay flags are awarded every month of the year.  Get out on the bay, run the course and make your claim.  It is impossible to win a flag if you do not run the course.  Here’s a link to the details http://spsa.us/racing/king-of-the-bay/

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