Spring Series Race Day #3 recap

23 March 2021

Hey Sailor,

Sorry I missed the race and the after party.  Here’s what I heard plus a couple other things to promote/preserve the camaraderie.

  • Best of the Day  In the Spinnaker Class Tack Tick took a pair of 1’s and the liquid trophy.  In the Cruising Class we had another tie; Cayennita III, Surge and Sonar-Non Spin Lewis finished the day with 4 total points.  However Cayennita appears to be unbeatable in tie breakers.  Her 3 & 1 beats out Surge’s 1 & 3 and Sonar-Non Spin Lewis’s pair of twos.  We use the Racing Rule number A8.2 to figure these ties out.  If you’re going to beat Tony in the tie breaker you need to beat him in the last race.

  • Thanks to Hula Girl II for adding a wee bit of green to our racing and running a pair of great races with what appeared to be a Leprechaun starting mark.

  • Thanks to Dan and Noreen of Last Tango for providing the food during our under the tree event.  It was good to see both again and we are all looking forward to see Last Tango out on the bay very soon.  

  • After three years of waiting, I hope all the KoB Flag winners will make up for lost time and put their flags on display.  PS, the luff on the KoB flags can not handle a load, use a carrier line.

  • Now for the preservation of camaraderie:  Every one please keep in mind that the flags and bottles we award are not worth a crushed bow pulpit.  The SPSA has a running tradition, 10 plus years, of avoiding the protest room.  Please do not put your friends in the position of using the bow or a red flag to keep the racing according to the rules.  Doing a 360 is cheap compared to the cost of a DSQ.  On the handicap side, please race your boat with the equipment on board according to your rating certificate.  I would rather not see a picture of the dock next to an empty slip, taken on race day, covered with an outboard motor, 23 cushions, chain, rafts, Waterford wine glasses, propane tanks, an air conditioner and two toilets.  I haven’t seen a picture like that and I don’t want to tell Penny it’s time to start buying cheap rum.  We have a good thing going.  Let’s stay out of the protest room.

  • Spring Series Race Day #4 is April 17th.  Cayennita III will be our race committee.  Tony has informed me he will be using a friend’s power boat.