Saturday’s SPSA Race – Noon Start

Reminder, the start time is bumped to Noon to allow the members to visit our sponsor Island Nautical’s annual flea market in the morning.  Hula Girl, a light blue Ranger 23 sailboat will be your RC boat this Saturday.   RC plans to set the start at G3.  The weather forecast appears warmer with a light SW breeze, so RC will plan a short upwind leg toward shore for the start at least for now.  If the breeze turns east, the line will be set west of G3.

Main Fleet – First start, a green shamrock flag will be your class flag this Saturday.

Ideal Class – No skipper’s meeting this Saturday.   Please check in at the RC boat at with your boat# & skipper name so we can score you.  The course will be between G3 and a drop mark.   The number of laps will be posted on the board, two for the first race and we’ll adjust from there.  Ideals will be the second start.  The Blue SPSA flag will be your class flag. 

The goal is to have everyone finish around 3:00ish to get to the St Patrick’s party at the sailing center afterwards.   RC may have to shorten the course depending on the breeze to accommodate this.  This will be announced on channel 72 and the ‘S’ flag will be displayed.   Any boats not finished by 3:30 will be scored DNF so the RC boat can get in as well.