SPSA News Update

Hey Sailor,
Can you believe that today is the last day of November! Where did the year go? Here are the exciting events coming up for SPSA:
  • Series races 7 & 8 are this Saturday, December 4thStart time is 11:00AM. Warrior will be the Race Committee. Listen for RC on VHF Channel 72. Post race gathering and race rewards will be under the tree, around 3:30 or 4:00. Bring a chair, snacks and drinks. Bring your crew. Take some pictures. Share them with SPSA.
  • The next SPSA Board Meeting is Tuesday December 7, at 6:00PM at the SP Yacht Club docks. All SPSA members are welcomed to attend.
  • January 1, 2022 is the New Year’s Day Fun Pursuit Race followed by the SPSA Holiday Party (Party details to follow). Race start time is 2:00PM. What better way to kick-off the new year than a fun time out sailing. Sign up soon. Race start times will be posted closer to race day.
  • Reminder – if you need crew for any upcoming racing event or if you are crew looking for a boat contact Brian at Membership.Chair@spsa.us
  • Tomorrow starts a new month for King of the Bay. The KOB is a fun self timed race, a good way to practice, and train new crew. Don’t miss any opportunity to get out there and see if you can take the flag for the month. 
Penny Simone
Vice Commodore


Commodore’s Cup, RSVPs & other good SPSA News

Hey Sailor,
Here’s the latest update on the Commodore’s Cup and other breaking SPSA News.
Commodore’s Cup
  • Please register if you intend to participate in the Commodore Cup – Nov 20th 11 AM 1st Start.  If it turns out your in-laws are not coming to visit and it’s a really nice day to sail please know you are still welcome to race even if you have not registered.  Getting some free pizza and caesar salad is a different story.  See a following dot point.
  • This race will be a pursuit start.  If you read the NOR & SIs you can skip to the next dot.  The course and all start times will be posted no later than 10 PM on Thursday Nov 18th. We will have start times posted for all SPSA Membership boats with a rating.
  • The deadline to declare a cruising chute in the cruising class is Friday Nov 19th at 5 PM.  TreinenRich@aol.com 
  • The deadline to RSVP for the post race pizza and caesar salad for members and their guests is NOON on Friday Nov 19th.  SPSA Members eat free, guests dine for $5.  If you do not RSVP you might find yourself fighting for leftovers.   TreinenRich@aol.com
  • Everything else under the tree is BYO.  You can expect our under the tree event to start  at 3, maybe 4.  Pray for good wind.
  • Need crew to get your boat out on the water?  Membership.Chair@spsa.us 

Commodore’s-cup-Nov-20-2021   Start Times (Download pdf)

Other SPSA Good News
  • King of the Bay Report:  7 Nov 2021 Cayennita III elapsed time 1:28:05 with a corrected 1:12:43
  • Series Race Date Change: The St Petersburg Grand Prix was moved into conflict with our scheduled Feb 26th Series Race.  The new date is now January 29th.
  • Our Cayennita III’s skipper Tony Sanpere was one of three local veterans honored on Veteran’s Day by Mayor Rick Kriseman.  Tony served in the US Army from 1960 to 1968 in Germany and Vietnam.  Tony was awarded multiple Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars, and other service awards.

SPSA Commodores Cup & news

Hey Sailor,

Here’s the pertinent information about the Commodores Cup and after party.  Don’t miss the free food, RSVP request and guest’s can eat for $5 information which are clearly written in the text below.  There’s other stuff too.

  • November 20th Commodore’s Cup 11 AM 1st Start.  Registration is open for this pursuit race.  You must login to your SPSA account 1st.  Then click List/Search under Regattas drop down.  You can find the  Enter  button and the information you need by clicking the  Docs  button on the Commodore’s Cup line.  If you intend to deploy your cruising spinnaker, make sure you declare your spinnaker chute according to the NOR.  Starting times will be posted by 10 PM on Thursday November 18th.
  • Post Race party under the tree.  Your SPSA Membership gets you and your significant other free pizza and caesar salad. Your crew, if not a SPSA Member can buy in for $5.  Please Please Please RSVP by High Noon on Friday Nov 19th so we know how much food to bring.   TreinenRich@aol.com  We will time the pizza delivery for 1 to 1.5 hours after the race is over.  Probably 3 to 4  PM – no promises. Everything beyond pizza and salad is BYO.
  • We have implemented a sharing cup tradition at our post race gatherings.  If your boat wins the best of the day liquid trophy, you can expect heavy pressure to utilize the sharing cups provided.
  • The next SPSA Series is Dec 4th.  Our Race Committee will be Warrior.
  • We have sailors looking to get their feet on a deck.  If you need crew or could take along another body or two, please let Brian know.  Membership.Chair@spsa.us  Our growing non-boat owning membership has enabled our post race free food.
  • Our next board meeting is Tuesday December 7th.  Watch for details.  This is a good way to find out how your club works, get involved, have say in what pizza we eat and a good way to find a deck for your feet.  

Lets Go Sailing!

SPSA Racing tomorrow Nov 6th is a no go

Hey Sailors,
Sorry for the delayed 6 PM decision. We are still seeing gusts forecast in the 25 plus MPH range. No racing tomorrow.
I know that some boats may take tis opportunity to run the KoB coarse tomorrow. Strng winds from the NW are optimal.
Sorry for the bad news on Series racing tomorrow.

SPSA Series Races 5 & 6 Advisory

Hey Sailors,

Please be advised the weather forecast for tomorrow looks pretty grim.  Winds have been forecast to be near 20 with gusts approaching 30.  The good news: successive forecasts, depending on the source, have the wind for race time decreasing.  We will continue the watch and issue a go or no go at 6 PM this evening. If you have a sailing buddy known to ignore these email announcements or just never looks at them, please let them know what is going on.

Stay tuned.