Classic Regatta Sept 11th

Hey Sailor,

The 12th running of the Classic Regatta is two weeks away, 11 September 2021.  This is a premier day on the bay and the one charity event of the SPSA.  The support so far this year is outstanding, we are in the verge of a record year.  I encourage everyone to get involved.  There are many ways to do this.

Let’s Go Sailing!

King of the Bay correction

6 July 2021

Hey Sailor,

My email blast of 4 July was loaded with 2 King of the Bay result omissions.  
  • It wasn’t my math, it was an omission of results.  Libèlula actually ran the KoB course 4 times on June 20th.  I had reported only the first 3.  The fourth run was actually her best of the day.  Libèlula now owns 4 of the top ten KoB performances.
  • For omission no. 2 I totally missed the run posted by Cayennita III on June 15th.  It was there in my email.  I had even read it since the blue dot was gone.  It was also an outstanding performance.  Good enough to be the June 2021 KoB winner as well as the 4th fastest corrected time ever.  Nicely done Cayennita III.
  • See the corrected results posted on the SPSA web page.  Look for the time stamp of 6 July 2021 after you click RACING / KING OF THE BAY – RESULTS.  If it’s still 4 July 2021 come back later.

My 4th of July was not a total disaster.  Angela and I had a great view of the fireworks from the deck of Last Tango with Dan and Noreen.

Rich Treinen

SPSA News July 2021

4 July 2021

Hey Sailor,

Even though it’s hot and humid we do have a few things to report.

  • Our King of the Bay Flag winner for June 2021 is Libèlula.  She ran the course 3 times on June 20th in great wind conditions.  Two of her three corrected times also placed Libèlula in 5th and 8th top ten of all King of the Bay corrected times.  Her other run was not quite good enough but did come in as the 11th best of all time.  Here’s a link to the KoB results.  Look for the 4 July 2021 version.
  • The proposed Slate of Officers for our 2021-22 Season is:  Commodore Rich Treinen, Vice Commodore Penny Simone, Rear Commodore(s) Dan and Noreen Dawson, Secretary Jean Charles-Marks, Treasurer Richard Boler, Race Committee Chairman Gerard Gaudry, Rating Committee Chairman Charles Archer, Membership Chairman Brian Conlin and Marketing and Mass Communications Chairman Raúl Calzada.
  • The door is now open for additional nominees for any of the officer positions.  If you are even remotely considering or even feeling guilty about not taking your turn as an SPSA officer, you might want to sit in on our next board meeting to see experience all the fun we have.  If you are interested please send me an email by August 1st.
  • Our July Board Meeting will be held on July 7th at 6 PM.  This is planned to be our last Zoom meeting unless things change.  If you’d like to sit in, please send me an email message and I will get you the Zoom connection information.
  • Please renew your SPSA Membership.  Thanks to all those who have already done so.
  • Please take a look at the link for our Classic Regatta scheduled for September 11th.  We are looking for boats, sponsors, and a few people to help. Get your crew together and make a run at the Good Neighbor Award.

SPSA Annual Membership Renewal and other tidbits

25 June 2020

Hey Sailor,

Here’s the first friendly reminder to renew your SPSA Membership.  
  • Our calendar year year runs from July 1st through June 30th.  
  • If you can’t remember if you are paid up through June 30th 2022, logon to your SPSA account, under the  My Profile  tab on the bar click Profile.  The expiration date tells you everything you need to know.  
  • Under the My Profile tab you’ll find the Renew Membership button.

Our plans are underway to have our Annual Meeting in the Yacht Club.  It will be a fun evening and quite a bit more upscale than last year’s under the tree event.  The date is September 17th with the night kicking off at 5:30.

Our first event of the 2021-22 season is scheduled for Sept 11th.  It’s the 12th running of the Classic Regatta which we run in partnership with the St Petersburg Yacht Club.  This is a wonderful day on the bay benefitting the Pinellas County Meals on Wheels program.  Registration is open through the Yacht Club.

One more thing.  Does anyone know where our white course board is located?  No questions will be asked.  If it happens to be right where it’s suppose to be, please forgive me.

SPSA Update 4 June 2021

4 June 2021

Hey Sailor,

Here’s the scoop from our last board meeting and other bits of SPSA news.

  • At our June 2nd Board Meeting
  • A change in the bylaws was adopted.  The Annual Meeting may now be held anytime in September.  Before the change we were restricted to September 1st through 15th.  With Labor Day and the move of the Classic Regatta to the following weekend, there was a stark shortage of available Fridays.
  • This year’s Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Twilight Series awards presentation.  The plans are for a full meeting & awards dinner in the yacht club like we used to do.  Put Friday September 17th on your calendar.
  • We put the 2021-22 schedule on paper and agreed it was final unless we needed to make changes.  Look for a posting on the SPSA web page.
  • A bunch of other boring stuff that I will not repeat here.  If that type of stuff interests you, please participate in the board meetings.  Our next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday July 7th.
  • The May 2021 King of the Bay winner is Libèlula.  Her corrected time was 1:09:18 reflective of the light winds that dominate the bay weather this time of year. If you see a weather forecast without thunderstorms and a 15+ breeze on a weekday, it’s a good day to play hooky.  Here’s the link to access the King of the Bay results.  at the SPSA home page click and hold  RACING  on the navy blue bar and slide down to  King of the Bay – Results .  Look for the date stamp 4 Jun 2021.
  • The Twilight Series continues to run every Friday evening with the 1st start at 6:30.  We have 19 SPSA boats participating in this event.  If you need crew to get your boat out on the bay send a message to Brian