November Events and Other Stuff 1 Nov 2020

Hey Sailor,

Here’s your list of November SPSA events!

  • 4 Nov 2020 6 PM  SPSA Board Meeting.  If the world has not ended, this is the Wednesday after that 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November. This is a Zoom event, probably not the last.  On the agenda:  our usual officer reports, post race planning for 7 Nov, some race management stuff, King of the Bay business, and possible SPSA merchandise.  This meeting is open to the membership.  Let me know if you’d like to sit in, I’ll send you the Zoom link. 

  • 7 Nov 2020 Fall Series Race Day 3.  11 AM Start. Robert Hopkins will be running RC.  Look for his Scarab power boat.  Monitor VHF Channel 72.  Remember this is a two race event.  Looking for crew?  Contact Brian  With the pandemic ebbing and surging, we will continue to work this and ask everyone to respect the health issues of everybody else.

  • 7 Nov 2020 Post Race Gathering.  We haven’t decided yet.  Most likely we will meet under the tree for post race camaraderie and best of the day liquid trophy presentation.  Watch for details.

  • Other Stuff:
  • We just about have our King of the Bay act together.  We hope to have something you can actually see that tells you how well you’ve run the course relative to other boats. That’s been a problem in the past that nobody liked.  Watch for more news on this subject.
  • We still have old SPSA branded stuff plugging up valuable space in our lockers.  I hate throwing stuff away so please come to the post race gatherings and take one for the team.  I’m particularly having trouble giving away the old Classic Regatta tee shirts.  We have blue and gray colors.  100% cotton, not giza.   You can hand them out to people you don’t know on the street.  You could put one in an Amazon box, set it on your porch and magically both the box and tee will disappear.  If nothing else they make great rags.
  • Would you like to add another family email address tied for these exciting email blasts?  Well, it’s not an option in our club management software.  However, we can do that.  Let me know. 

Let’s Go Sailing!