King of the Bay correction

6 July 2021

Hey Sailor,

My email blast of 4 July was loaded with 2 King of the Bay result omissions.  
  • It wasn’t my math, it was an omission of results.  Libèlula actually ran the KoB course 4 times on June 20th.  I had reported only the first 3.  The fourth run was actually her best of the day.  Libèlula now owns 4 of the top ten KoB performances.
  • For omission no. 2 I totally missed the run posted by Cayennita III on June 15th.  It was there in my email.  I had even read it since the blue dot was gone.  It was also an outstanding performance.  Good enough to be the June 2021 KoB winner as well as the 4th fastest corrected time ever.  Nicely done Cayennita III.
  • See the corrected results posted on the SPSA web page.  Look for the time stamp of 6 July 2021 after you click RACING / KING OF THE BAY – RESULTS.  If it’s still 4 July 2021 come back later.

My 4th of July was not a total disaster.  Angela and I had a great view of the fireworks from the deck of Last Tango with Dan and Noreen.

Rich Treinen