Couples / Double Handed Results and the months ahead

10 May 2021

Hey Sailor,

With the completion of the Couples / Double Handed Regatta this past Saturday we have finished up our 2020-21 SPSA Racing Season.  Read on for the results and more information about what’s ahead in the summer months.  For those of you are relative new to the SPSA, our year runs July 1st through June 30th.  We are pretty much dormant during June through August because it’s just too hot. During this time there are other ways to get out on the bay.

  • Couples / Double Handed Results:  The day could have had a bit more wind.  It was a G3 – G1 – Lil” J – G3 triangle.  We had nine boats cross the starting line in light air with the last bit of a flood tide.  Five boats made it around and escaped from G1 taking the wind with them.  It didn’t totally die, but the 4 of us left behind were on life support.  Slack tide saved us from double dispare.  Thanks to the leaders for waiting for us at the 5 PM after party.  We arrived just before 6.  Taking the day’s trophies:  Couples: 1st Tack Tick, 2nd Silver Surfer and 3rd Sonar Lewis; Double Handed: 1st Cayennita III.
  • Thanks to Dan and Noreen Dawson for pulling together the post party feed; hot calzones, salad and dessert.  There was a low humidity cool breeze flowing under the tree and it was really nice. 
  • Vice Commodore Penny reports we have a good group of cruisers pulling together plans for the coming year.  Get involved and stay tuned if you’d like sailing somewhere besides around the marks.
  • The King of the Bay winner for April was Surge.  Her run on the 17th, with a corrected time of 45:26 was also the 3rd fasted corrected time in the history of the KoB.  Look for updated results with a 10 May 2021 date.  On the SPSA Home Page click the King of the Bay – Results line on the Racing drop down.
  • Our 2021-22 dates have been submitted for the Tampa Bay Yachting master Calendar.  You can expect our first event to be the Classic Regatta on September 11th followed shortly with our annual meeting on Sept 17th and the kick off of the SPSA Series on Sept 25th.  We have 13 racing events planned over our 9 month sailing season. 
  • In the meantime, the SPYC’s Twilight Series runs every Friday evening and the King of the Bay.  This is a great event that runs all summer.  You can also pull a crew together and run the King of the Bay course.  We award KoB flags for the best corrected time every month.
  • You will also be hearing about membership dues and opportunities to get involved in the year ahead.
  • Thanks to all SPSA members for keeping the SPSA alive this year, making our 2020-21 events a success and helping the SPSA grow.  Even in a tough year, it was nice to be a part of the St Petersburg Sailing Association.