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SPSA News 2 Aug 2020

Hey Sailors,

  • Here’s upcoming events to put on your calendar.  These are all scheduled.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We will keep you posted if/as things change.
  • SPSA Twilight Racing every Friday evening at 6:30 through the end of August.  This has turned into a social distancing exercise but still an enjoyable evening out of our caves.  Participating is easy, just show up.  If you’d like to get scored you’ll need to register.  Here’s the link  SPYC Twilight Series Registration
  • 5 August 6 PM  That’s a Wednesday, not the usual Tuesday.  The August SPSA board meeting, on Zoom.  We will be making plans and alternate plans for our annual meeting plus other exciting stuff.  If you’d like to listen in or maybe even volunteer for something send me a message and I’ll add you to the meeting invitation.
  • 12 September SPSA / SPYC Classic Regatta Pursuit race with a 2 PM first start.  
  • Registration link:   Classic Regatta Registration
  • 18 September 5:30 PM  SPSA Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner held in the yacht club.
  • 26 September 11 AM Start  SPSA Series Races 1 & 2.  Registration Link:  coming soon
  • At our July Board Meeting we added a new position effective for the 2020-21 season.  Our Marketing and Mass Communications Chair will manage our web site and Facebook page.  This has been a growing and very useful endeavor to keep our members informed and bring new sailors into the club.  This part of the our club operations has grown into a significant effort.
  • Updated Slate of Officers for the 2020-21 Season.  The nomination period closed on August 1st.  Thanks to all to all these folks for stepping up to keep our club running.
  • Commodore  Rich Treinen
  • Vice Commodore  Penny Simone
  • Rear Commodore  Dan and Noreen Dawson
  • Secretary  Jean Charles-Marks
  • Treasurer  Richard  Boler
  • Race Committee Chairman  Jenn Rhyner
  • Rating Committee Chairman  Charles Archer
  • Membership Chairman  Brian Conlin
  • Marketing and Mass Communication Chairman  Raul Calzada
  • This is a long email blast, you deserve a short break.  A few months after retirement, the manager stopped by his old office.  After saying hello to the receptionist, he wandered into the bowels of his old domain.  There he found an engineer hard at work. He said hello and began to chat a little but sensed he had interrupted important work.  As he began to apologize the engineer held up his hand and grinned.  He motioned his former boss to have a seat.  Then he said, “Let’s shoot the shit for a while.  Besides I just realized I no longer need to look busy when you wander back here.”
  • Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019-20 SPSA Series; Michael Seidlecki and the crew of Tack Tick in the Spinnaker Class and Chris Chow and the crew of Freelance in the Cruising Class.  Here’s a link to the results:  SPSA 2019-20 Series Results
  • If you haven’t seen our web site or Facebook page lately , they are worth a look.  Here’s a link to our web page:  To find us on Facebook, search for the St Petersburg Sailing Association.
  • Please welcome our new members:  Kara Whitmore, David Ambler, Andy Cheney, Emily Duke, Kris Self, James Jinright, Carin Korros, and George Lewis.
  • Thanks to everyone that renewed their memberships.  If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late.
Let’s Go Sailing!
Rich Treinen
SPSA Vice Commodore


SPSA July Update

Hey Sailor,

Here’s the latest bits from your SPSA. 

  • Twilight Series Racing has resumed.  After a two week closure of the Sailing Center because of a COVID-19 positive test, the Yacht Club has resumed this popular Friday evening run around the buoys.  If you venture into the Sailing Center be prepared to wear your mask from the moment you past through the gate and every minute you stay on the Sailing Center grounds whether it is inside or outside.

  • The King of the Bay The flag will likely go to a new holder shortly after August 31st.  That’s when Hula Girl’s record time will no longer hold the flag.  The clock resets on September 1st.  Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody took that flag away before September 1st?  To find out more about this event follow the link.

  • Membership Renewal  If you haven’t renewed your membership, it has expired.  We expect some soul searching as this epidemic business drags on.  Rest assured we will be patient with our membership and that the SPSA will be ready to roll once safe sailing returns.  Although memberships expire on June 30th, you will continue to receive these email blasts for a while.  The SPSA 2020-21 Membership Directory will be available in early to mid-September. Here’s the link. Once you logon, under the MY PROFILE dropdown menu you’ll find the RENEW button.

Twilight Series News

Hey Sailor,

In case you haven’t heard.  The Sailing Center reported a case of COVID early this week.  To keep all of us safe the Sailing Center has closed for a two week isolation period.  This means Twilight Series Racing for June 26th and July 3rd has been cancelled.

Since this is bad news I’m keeping it short. Please do whatever you can to make this stuff go away.  Even if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt.

Let’s go sailing again and soon!

Rich Treinen
SPSA Vice Commodore