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SPSA Events and news

Hey Sailor,

Here’s the event info you need for this weekend and a little bit beyond.
  • Saturday is Spring Season Races 7 & 8 day.  Mike Reed, of Amber Looe, is our race committee assisted by Vanessa Goodrum and myself.  We will be on Vanessa’s Good Stories, a Pearson 38.5.  See you at 11 AM for the first start.  We will be somewhere out on the bay, most likely just east of the Pier.  Listen or call on VHF 72 if you can’t find us.  Our post race gathering is at Courigans.
  • SPSA Board Meeting on Tuesday April 5th 6 PM at the Yacht Club Marina Table.  Our board meetings are open to all SPSA Members.
  • Full Moon Pursuit Race 16 April  – details to be announced later.
  • Couples Regatta & Awards Party 7 May – details to be announced later.
  • Need crew or a deck under your feet.  Contact Brian 

Here’s some SPSA Member News.  We are on a roll.
  • Yacht Club Twilight Series  We have 4 members racing in the J-70 fleet, 3 in the Spinnaker fleet, 1 in the non-spin fleet and 9 in the cruising fleet.  With two races in the bag, the SPSA boats are sitting in 1st place in the spinnaker, non-spinnaker and totally dominating the cruising fleet.  However there are lot of races still to be sailed.
  • Pusser’s Rum Cup  Nine members participating.  Notable SPSA Member results: Cruising A:  1st Surge, 3rd Galene.  Cruising B: 1st Legacy, 2nd Cayennita III.  Spinnaker: 3rd Warrior 
  • Pennington Cup  Five members participating.  Notable member results.  Cruising:  2nd Legacy.  Spinnaker: 1st Warrior.

Let’s Go Sailing!

    SPSA News 6 March 2022

    Hey Sailor,

    Wasn’t the weather absolutely beautiful all February.  I hope you were out on the bay as many times as possible.  A few of the SPSA members were, the stories can be found below.  A few boats took this time for a bottom job tune up.  You’ll t get good look at their transoms for the next month or so.  For those that missed out, there will be many more great days in the months ahead. Get out on the bay!  Here’s a listing of our upcoming events followed by the news.
    • Spring Season Races 5 & 6.  Saturday March 19th 11 AM start.  Hula Girl II will be our race committee, Catalina 36.  After party to follow.
    • St Patrick’s Day After Party.  Saturday March 19th 3 PM maybe a little later. There will be a $5 charge for members. Drag your non-member crew along for $10 each.  Pay at the door but you must RSVP.  That’s right, you must RSVP. See the flyer on our Facebook page and website for for details.  Note the parking detail.
    • Spring Seasons Races 7 & 8.  Saturday April 2nd 11 AM Start.  Amber Looe will be race committee. We are looking for an experienced race committee to train Amber Looe and her crew.  Post Race at Courigans.
    • Board Meeting Tuesday 5 April 2022 6 PM at the Yacht Club Marina.  Last month it was a little chili which led to an efficient meeting.  This meeting is open to all members.  If you are a new member and do not know what any of us look like, here’s your chance.  This is also a good opportunity to see how we run things and if you like it, you could become an officer at our Annual Meeting in September.  We will have two open positions.
    • Don’t forget about the SPYC Twilight Series.  Beginning Match 18th with a 6:30 start and returns every Friday until the end of August.  The registration cost is next to nothing – it works out to be close to 50 cents a race.  
    • Full Moon Pursuit Race 16 April  – details to be announced later.
    • Couples Regatta & Awards Party 7 May – details to be announced later.
    • SPSA Sailors shine in the NOODS:  We had 15 entries with the following notable finishes.  ORC A: 4th Warrior.  North Sails Rally – Cruising: 1st Legacy, 3rd Cayennita III, 4th Amber Looe and 5th Surge.
    • Check out our SPSA Members Group on Facebook.  This is a members only page where we control who gets in.  Search for SPSA Members Group and submit a request to join. 
    • Is one email address not enough for our members reading this email blast?  Send me a note with your second email – maybe your spouse – and I will add to the distribution list. 
    • February’s King of the Bay is Bumbugo.  Her corrected time was 49:13 was just fast enough to knock Libèlula out of the top ten best runs. See the results on the SPSA web page.

    Let’s Go Sailing!

    SPSA is now an educational resource!

    We received a nice message from LouAnne Taylor, a youth services librarian and educator.  Our web page has been a big help to her educational project on sailing.  One of her students, her name is Amelia, has reciprocated. Amelia has provided a link she had found for youths interested in sailing.  Here’s the link, 

    Thanks Amelia! We’ll add it to our resources.

    SPSA News – this is a long one

    Hey Sailors,

    If, at the current moment, you are already heading out to sail, leave reading this email to a later time – there’s nothing here important enough to delay a day on the bay.  Otherwise find a good chair and switch over to your tablet.  Even though the Grand Prix squished our February 26th race day, there are still many ways to get out on the bay.  
    • The NOODS, hosted by  the St Petersburg Yacht Club, are this weekend.  Sailing World is reporting this is the largest NOODs ever with 275 entries!  The SPSA will be well represented.  You can follow the event on this link.
    • SPSA Sailors was well represented and cleaned up at the 56th Gaspirilla Regatta hosted by the Tampa Sailing Squadron on February 5th.  
    • Cruising B 8 boats: 1st Cayennita III Tony Sanpere, 3rd Legacy Dave Roberts
    • Cruising A 8 boats: 1st Surge Charles Archer, 2nd Moonshine Sharon Grasmehr, 3rd Galene Gerard Gaudry, 7th Koinonia II Garth Reynolds
    • Here’s your link to the whole story 
  • Our January King of the Bay champion is Bumbugo.  Her corrected time of 44:24 ranked pretty high in top ten of all time, displacing Surge out of 5th best.  Don’t for a moment feel sorry for Surge, she still has 6 top ten times.  Get out of your slip and run the King of the Bay.  It’s a great way to tune up your sailing skills.
  • The SPYC Twilight Series begins on March 18th.  Every Friday night at 6:30 until the end of August.  What a great way to end your work week.  This is free, no need to join the yacht club.  Just show up.  However if you want to earn one of those beautiful trophy flags you need to register.  The registration cost is next to nothing – it works out to be close to 50 cents a race. 
  • Back on January 29th we held the Spring Season Races 3 and 4 originally scheduled for Feb 26th.  That was the Grand Prix Race conflict thing.  It was blowing and the seas were rough.  Thanks to Gimmi Shelter for going out in difficult conditions.  There were reports from the brave sailors that one gust was near 40!  Four boats from the cruising class ventured out on the bay that day.  These are the conditions when you really need to know your boat, your crew and your skills as a sailor and make the right call.  Do not expect somebody else to make that decision for you.  That said, we all need to admire the skills of the 4 boats that managed the conditions that day.
  • On February 6th we set up a pursuit race to introduce potential new members to the excitement of sailboat racing.  It was anointed the Off the Quay Wall Regatta as most of the interest in joining our racing was from boats slipped up against the wall on the north side of the pier approach.  We hosted 9 boats new to racing and 7 who entered as experienced sailors.  We all gathered at Courigans for post race camaraderie and awards for best of the day.  Thanks to Mike Reed, Penny Simone, Brian Conlin, Raul Calzada and Dan Dawson for the conception and execution of this outreach to our local sailors.
  • Our Race Committee on March 19th will be Hula Girl II, Steve Shortt’s Catalina 36.  Post race we will host a St Patrick Day part.  Watch for details.
  • Our Race Committee on April 2nd will be Amber Looe, Mike Reed’s Beneteau 23.5.  Post race will be a BYOE no frills event somewhere.  Watch for details.
  • On April 16th we are running our Full Moon Pursuit Race.  This is a great sail timed so we are out on the bay for both the sunset and the full moon rising through the water of the bay.  Bring your camera.
  • Where to expand your SPSA experience:
    • On our web site   We have both public pages and member only pages.  You need your email or member number plus your password to see the members stuff.
    • We have our public Face Book page.  Search for St Petersburg Sailing Association.  There are all kinds of SPSA acronyms dead ends on the world wide web.  Here’s a link web link to get you straight there  Better yet, use the Facebook app if you have one.  Bookmark us or click the Follow button.
    • We also have our SPSA Members Group on Facebook.  This is open only to SPSA Members and you must click request to join.  On the facebook app search for SPSA Members Group.  Raul is guarding this one from the Facebook trolls.  This is another good way to sell your skills in exchange for a deck under your feet or find some feet for your deck.  It’s easy to join, find the SPSA Members Group page, click the button to request admission to the group.
    • Instagram.  I’m out on a limb on this one.   I’m 67, somebody needs to clue me in.
    • Share your pictures through  Not all your pictures obviously.  Just good sailing pictures of your boat, from your boat of another SPSA boat or a shot nautical in nature or at one of our events.  The best of these pictures end up featured on SPSA sites.  Smile!
  • All of this media exposure has been a good thing.  It’s one thing to be a sailing organization on paper and in the digital world.  It is so much better to be a sailing organization seen out on the water.  This is giving us the best of all pains, growing pains.   That’s a good thing.  Believe it or not this creates opportunities for our membership to get more involved.  The up side, we now have enough boats racing that race committee duty need only be experienced once every two years.
  • One more thing.  Get your boat out on the water.  Those are magic hours.  Your troubles disappear out on the bay.  Your friends in the SPSA can make it happen.

  • Let’s Go Sailing!

    information – coming events

    Hey Sailors,

    Here’s the information you need to make it through February 2022.  

    • Gimmi Shelter, our Race Committee for Spring Season Races 3 and 4, will be sitting in a light blue & white 24 foot Polar Sport Fisher somewhere in the Bay near downtown.  Monitor or hail on channel 72 if you need to find the location of the committee boat.  Most of the time committee will set up just east of the pier. 
    • You’ll find the results for Spring Season Races 1 & 2 posted on the SPSA Web Page.  The wind was nice at the start of Race 1 and slowly died.  The spinnaker fleet managed to get two races in while race 2 in cruising fleet was abandoned.  If you want to see actual and corrected times, click the blue race number at the top of the results page.  Taking the best of the day awards were Warrior in spinnaker and Sonar-Lewis in cruising.  Thanks to Legacy for RC duty – nicely done.  Thanks to Noreen for organizing the Chili Cook Off, Connie for guarding them while we were racing and the 10 Chili Cooks.  It was a nice way to end a great day on the bay.
    • SPSA Board Meeting February 1st at 6 PM.  This months meeting will be held at the table outside the dock master’s office at the yacht club marina. Our meetings are always open to all members of the SPSA.  In fact this is a good way to get involved.
    • Tampa Bay Sailing Squadron’s 56th Gasparilla Regatta is scheduled for February 5th.  A couple of SPSA boats always find their way across the bay for this fun event.  Here’s a link to their web page for information. 
    • Saturday February 5th  Adaptive Sailing Day at the Sailing Center.  10 AM  to 2 PM.  The Sailing Center hosts local folks that are not able to sail without help.  Local organizations bring their clients to the Sailing Center for short sails.  The Sailing Center needs volunteers to help in all aspects of this great event.  This is one of those events that makes you feel good all the way home.  Contact Dana Aljasir at the Sailing Center if you are able to help.
    • The Off the Quay Wall pursuit race will be run on Sunday Feb 6th at 11 AM.  That is the 1st Sunday in February.  This event has been geared to introduce a few potential SPSA members to sail boat racing.  These sailors are mostly moored on the south side of the pier approach and have been talking to us about getting involved.  The event is open to boats 30 ft and less and we will be providing these new skippers with as much help as they need.  The event is also open to experienced sailors.  Sign up on the Regatta page.  We may need to recruit a few experienced SPSA hands to help out. 
    • Around the Point Race – February 12th.  This event starts at the Davis Island Yacht Club and finishes at downtown St Petersburg.  Here’s the link to DIYC 
    • And don’t forget the NOODS are right here, downtown St Petersburg at the Yacht Club.  February 18 – 20.
    • One more thing.  Please recognize when you have luffing rights, when you don’t and when they vanish.  There are things to know before and after the start and out on the course.  We are getting more boats on the starting line and we’ve had a couple of incidents.  We do not want a protest.  It’s been more than 10 years.  Google “sailboat racing luffing rights”  if you want to be sure.