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SPSA April list of cancellations and musings

Hey Sailor,

Sadly here’s what’s not happening this month.  I will not say the reason, you’ve already heard that more times that it’s possible to count.

April Events:

  • April 18th SPSA Series Races 15 and 16  –   cancelled.
  • April 18th Post Race gathering at Corrigans  –  cancelled.  They are closed anyway.

May Events Not Yet Cancelled:

  • May 5th  SPSA Board Meeting at 6 PM Sailing Center

  • May 9th  Couples Regatta and Awards Party.  2 PM Start.  Details, should they become necessary, jump for joy if that’s true, will be communicated at a later date.

Here’s two ideas to keep from going absolutely bonkers.  

  • Find a sailing simulator to play on your PC, phone or tablet.  If you find a good one, pass the information through the SPSA FB Page.

  • Post useful information on our FB Page, like an in-depth discussion on luffing rights before and after the starting signal.  This is a good one.  Including a big heads up to some one in need of this knowledge.

Hopefully we will all be sailing again soon.

Be Safe Sailors!

Rich Treinen

SPSA Vice Commodore

St Patrick’s Day Party Cancelled

Hey Sailor,

With all the corona virus concerns hitting us daily, we have put a stop on our St Patrick’s Day Party after the Series Race this Saturday.  The Series Race is still on, it’s an 11 AM Start, the crew of Hula Girl is Committee and you can expect them to be in the Irish Spirit.  Stay tuned, we’ll let you know if anything changes.

While we self hibernate until this health mess goes away, here’s a fun fact you may need for a trivia contest someday and a diversion put a smile on your face.
  • What color do the people who live in Ireland recognize as their national color?  It’s not green.  It’s not orange either.  It’s blue.  It’s only the American’s who equate being Irish as green.  
  • Remember what Update Health Correspondent Roseanne Rosannadana said about a big health concern of her time.  “Well Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something.”  If you are too young to know about Roseanne Roseannadana, watch this clip from November 1978.

Cruising last call and St Patrick’s Day Party flyer

Hey Sailor,

March 6th.  It’s a Brew Cruise this Friday. The cruisers are sailing to Emerson Point, anchoring overnight then beginning what sounds like Uber powered pub crawl Saturday that finishes at the Oak and Stone for dinner.  Seven boats combined from the SPSA and Tampa Bay Sailing are on board.   Those wishing to join up should contact Robert Kryger at for details. 

March 21st. Here’s your flyer with the details for our St Patrick’s Day Party.